Women's Programmes


Empowering Voices Programme

An empowerment programme for women who want to move forward with their lives.

The programme is designed to help women understand the impact a partner’s violent behaviour has on their mental, emotional and physical health and the health of other family members, especially children. Women learn how to deal with the effects of violence, and focus on being in a healthy relationship.

Specific themes include:

  • Personal empowerment
  • Self care and self esteem
  • Understanding anger and aggression
  • Beliefs, values and attitudes
  • Recognising and understanding the dynamics of family violence
  • Communication skills

The programme is free and open to all women
Group sessions: Thursdays 10am - 12pm

Te Puawaitanga Programme

Te Puawaitanga is an anger management programme for women here at Family Focus. The programme provides tools for women in order to help them deal with anger, using intervention methodologies to prevent domestic violence. It also aims to:

  • enable women to understand how their whanau is affected by anger and violence.
  • help women understand the process of change, and be able to identify which changes they need to make in their lives in order to keep their partner and children safe.
  • teach women to develop skills that will help them deal with any potential conflicts that may arise in future.
  • enable women to communicate more effectively and build strong relationships within their whanau.
Group sessions: Wednesdays 10am - 12pm

FREE Domestic Violence support Programmes

If you’re protected by a protection order made under the Domestic Violence Act 1995, you can attend a free support programme to help you deal with your situation.
Free support programmes are also available to any children who live or stay with you.


Empowerment Programme Contact: Melape Mose-Wallace or Caryn Taitoko
Phone: 07 346 2096   Email: melape.mose@familyfocus.org.nz or caryn.taitoko@familyfocus.org.nz

Te Puawaitanga Programme Contact: Faith Tuhakaraina
Phone: 07 346 2096   Email: faith.tuhakaraina@familyfocus.org.nz


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