Supervised Contact


What is supervised contact?
Supervised Contact enables a child to spend time with a parent or family member with whom they do not have day to day contact, supervised by trained staff who ensure a safe and child friendly environment.

Children’s Supervised Contact Service General Principles

  • The best interest of the child is paramount. The service is neutral in disputes between parties
  • Children have the right to express their view and have that taken into account in contact arrangements that affect them
  • Children have the right to enjoy their contact with their visiting parents
  • The service will provide a safe and child-centred environment for supervised contact visits or change-over arrangements with trained and experienced staff
  • Family Focus will respect your right to privacy and keep information we collect confidential. An exception to this is if we believe you, your child, or another person is at risk of harm. In this situation the information will be shared with the appropriate authorities
  • Family Focus’s Children’s Supervised Contact Services operate within the legal framework of the Care of Children Act 2004
  • For information about the Children’s Supervised Contact Service please contact the Family Court Advisor on 921 7460.


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