Men's Programmes


Te Pikinga O Te Tangata - Strive for the best in you

Te Pikinga o te Tangata is delivered in a respectful and supportive way using the art of facilitation.

This programme has a bi-cultural focus and is open to men only of any ethnicity aged over 17 years.

Group Sessions:        Mondays & Tuesdays 10am-12pm, Wednesdays & Thursdays 6 - 8 pm 
Individual sessions:   by appointment

Programme Content:
Session 1: initial assessment
Session 2: how issues can end up as violence – the cycle of violence
Session 3: the process of change
Session 4: the beliefs tree – how your thinking affects your behaviour
Session 5: time-out versus storming out
Session 6: identifying unhelpful moods, emotions, feelings and thinking
Session 7: communication – non verbal body language
Session 8: communication – tone of voice
Session 9: communication – words – mixed messages
Session 10: communication - listening
Session 11: communication – passive – aggressive - assertive
Session 12: emotional abuse
Session 13: respect
Session 14: problem solving and goal setting
Session 15: negotiation and fairness versus threats, tantrums and demands
Session 16: non-threatening versus intimidation and fear
Session 17: trust and support versus isolation
Session 18: honesty and frankness versus dishonesty, denial, blame and minimisation
Session 19: using the children versus responsible parenting
Session 20: dumping responsibility versus sharing responsibility
Session 21: sexual abuse versus sexual respect
Session 22: financial partnership versus financial control or financial copout

Men's Contact - John Wharepapa

Men's Services Contact: John Wharepapa
Phone 07 346 2096   Email:


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