Mā te tuakana ka tōtika te teina, mā te teina ka tōtika te tuakana — From the older sibling the younger learns how to do it, from the younger sibling the older learns how to be tolerant/everyone has responsibilities, both the old and the young

Our Elder Abuse Response Service (EARS) addresses the immediate safety needs of older people experiencing or at risk of experiencing abuse and neglect.  The service is for people 65 years and over.

How can the service help me?

If you are an older person and you are being abused or mistreated we can:

  • Act as an advocate 
  • Work closely with you and your family/whānau to prevent or resolve issues of abuse
  • Provide information and assistance with legal matters to support your safety and well-being
  • Help you put together a safety plan
  • Link you to essential resources and services within the community
  • Help protect you if you are vulnerable and ensure that your best interests are observed
  • Counsel you if you need support and assistance
  • Provide appropriate options and support to ensure you are safe and your physical and emotional needs are being met


Elder Abuse Response Contacts: Febe Camacho
 07 346 2096   febe.camacho@familyfocus.org.nz