The first time you meet the counsellor, they will undertake an initial assessment to find out what has brought you to counselling at this time and to figure out an effective way to help you. The counsellor will be looking at what your needs are and measuring it with their skills and experience to make sure that they can put your welfare first. Your safety and well-being is their top priority. During this session, the counsellor may ask you to complete some paperwork, and they will provide you with information about the agencies counselling policies.

During this time, assess your counsellor. Do you like them? Do you feel that you can spend time with this counsellor and be able to trust them with your personal problems? Are they able to meet your cultural needs?

Next, you and the counsellor will discuss different options to address your problems and help you feel better. This will include setting goals for your counselling.  

You and the counsellor will then schedule in appointment times.